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For all my fellow crochet addicts out there! This box is designed for the already established crocheter, and is intended as a little box of treats & goodies for you to enjoy every month. 

So what’s included?

Firstly – most, if not all, of the products in your box each month will be sourced from independent/handmade/small businesses.  Your boxes will contain products from a selection the following categories each month:

Crochet Patterns & Kits

A mixture larger or smaller projects (blankets, hats, scarves, accessories, etc), amigurumi or tutorials for an unusual stitch for you to try out.

Crochet Tools/Craft Supplies

Items such as handmade hooks and stitch markers, samples of hand dyed/spun yarn, haberdashery items such as buttons and ribbons – everything you could possibly need! Look out for sets for you to collect over the series.

Crochet-Themed Gifts & Accessories

Each designed for crochet addicts like us in mind, for us to love and enjoy! Items such as bags, stationery, costume jewellery, etc.

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Terms & Conditions

By clicking “Buy Now” below, you agree to the following:

  • You are making a one-off purchase of “The Trial Box”, as detailed above.

  • You will be charged a single payment of £25 + p&p (£4.00 UK, £11.00 International). You will not be signed up to any monthly subscription.

  • The order deadline is always the first day of the month. There is then a 1-month waiting time whilst the goodies for your trial box are lovingly prepared and handmade by our suppliers, you will then receive your box the following month. For example, if you purchase on 10th August, you’re in the ordering “window” for the deadline of 1st September, and therefore will received your trial box in October. 

  • All our boxes are “mystery boxes”, so the exact content will not be revealed in advance. The fun is in the surprise!

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